If you own a lawn mower, you know how important it is to keep it running smoothly. One of the key components of a lawn mower is its carburetor, which is responsible for mixing air and fuel to create the combustion needed to power the engine. Over time, carburetors can become clogged with dirt, debris, and old fuel, leading to poor performance and even engine failure. In this post, we will take a closer look at lawn mower carburetors, discussing their functions, common problems, and maintenance tips. Whether you’re a seasoned lawn care professional or a homeowner looking to keep your mower in top shape, join us on this journey to learn everything you need to know about lawn mower carburetors.


Compatible with:

  • STIHL FS38 FS45 FS55RC FS46 FS45C FS85 FS55R FS85T FS46C FS80R FS76 FS55C FS85R FS75 FS85RX FS55T FS55CE FS55RCE FS45CE FS55Z FS55CEZ FS55CEDZ string trimmer
  • STIHL FS55DZ FS55RCE-DZ FS55RCE-Z FS55R-DZ FS55R-Z FS45L FS38Z FS46CE FS45CE-DZ FS45CEZ FS45DZ FS45Z FS46CEZ FS46DZ FS46Z FS80 FC55 FC75 FC85 string trimmer
  • STIHL SP80 SP85 special harvester.
  • STIHL HS45 HS85 HL45 HL75K HS80 HL75 FH75 HS75 HL45Z HL45DZ HT75 HT70 hedge trimmer
  • STIHL KM55R KM55RC KM55 KM85R KM85 KM55C KM55RCE KM55RZ KM55RDZ KM55CE KM55RCEZ KM80 kombi motor.
  • ZAMA C1Q-S97 C1Q-S66 C1Q-S71 C1Q-S186 C1Q-S143 C1Q-S153 C1Q-S186A C1Q-S186B C1Q-S97A replacement
  • ECHO 4140 120 0612 4140 120 0619 4137-120-0606 4137-120-0608 4140-120-0619 4140-124-2800 Replacement.


  • Anti-corrosionhighly durable and hasa long service life.
  • Oil leak preventionEffectively solveoil leakage
  • Anti-rustHigh qualityhigh-quality materials



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